KD Chavez

KD believes true leadership is based in reciprocity, healing, and intergenerational relationships with each other and the land. For more than a decade they have worked side-by-side with people to accomplish transformational and visionary change: from community members, executive directors, and programmatic staff to board members, organizers and major donors. Throughout this time they have carried the ancestral strength, resilience, and wisdom of their communities into every aspect of their work.

During their time at ACLU, KD was a member of the national Indigenous Justice Steering Committee working to further justice for indigenous peoples, and developed innovative campaigns and fundraising programs. Prior to their work at ACLU, KD worked in the nonprofit and consultant world spending nearly a decade at Planned Parenthood. Trained in group facilitation and conflict mediation, KD loves creating, spending time outside, enjoying art, and thinking about indigenous futures.