Senate’s $2 trillion stimulus fails women on frontlines of coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic dramatically changes lives across the United States, it is women who are on the frontlines of the outbreak at work and at home.

Women make up more than 80% of America’s health care workers, and are on the front lines of this epidemic, often without personal protective equipment.

Women make up the majority of grocery store workers who are keeping America fed and are working overtime to reduce the risk of infection when people need to leave their homes to buy supplies.

Women make up the majority of educators who have been forced to radically shift the 2020 academic year and make sure that their students do not fall behind while they are out of school.

As American’s social distance, and schools and daycare facilities close — women who are working from home are doing double-duty — serving as caretakers and home educators in addition to their regular lives.

Women are on the frontlines of this pandemic, and women are the heroes helping us get through it.