Controversial Pre-Super Bowl Ad Blitz Slams NFL on Domestic Violence

For Immediate Release: January 28, 2015
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Controversial Pre-Super Bowl Ad Blitz Slams NFL on Domestic Violence

After Sports Illustrated Reversed Course on Rejecting Ad, UltraViolet #GoodellMustGo Ad Blitz Goes Live Today as New Poll Finds Women’s Views of NFL Are Tanking Ahead of Super Bowl

Today begins an ad blitz slamming the NFL on domestic violence leading up to the Super Bowl that will feature four large truck billboards in Phoenix and a controversial new video ad. The ad, featuring a woman being tackled by a football player as a voiceover reads “let’s take domestic violence out of football,” will reach more than 1,000,000 people leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. It is part of a 5 figure online buy on Sports Illustrated’s website and Huffington Post Sports.

Sports Illustrated initially rejected the ad during the AFC/ NFC championship games for its messaging, but then changed course after facing public scrutiny.

See the ad:

The truck billboards will be rolling through Phoenix today through Super Bowl Sunday, circling the airport, hotels, and Super Bowl festivities. They will read “55 Cases of Domestic Abuse Unanswered: #GoodellMustGo.”

See photos of the truck ads here:

Just yesterday, UltraViolet released a newly commissioned poll from PPP that found support for the NFL is plummeting with women nationwide over their handling of domestic violence.

Topline Results:
58% of women disapprove of the NFL’s handling of domestic abuse;
67% think the NFL should be doing more to combat domestic abuse in the league; and
55% hold a less favorable opinion of the NFL after its recent handling of the issue.

See the poll here:

“The NFL has completely failed America on domestic violence,” said Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, on why the group created the ad. “With more than 100 million people watching this Sunday, now is the time to remind people that Roger Goodell has ignored more than 55 cases of domestic violence during his tenure. Women are fed up with the NFL’s inaction, and we want Goodell out.”

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