NEW TV AD: Amy Coney Barrett’s Record Stealing Justice From Sexual Abuse Survivors Should Disqualify Her for the Supreme Court

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, October 22, 2020

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NEW TV AD: Amy Coney Barrett’s Record Stealing Justice From Sexual Abuse Survivors Should Disqualify Her for the Supreme Court


UltraViolet Action, Demand Justice Launch National Ad Campaign Urging the Senate to Reject Coney Barrett’s Nomination

WASHINGTON, DC — A new national television ad is urging Senators to reject Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court citing her “extreme,” “cruel” and “disqualifying” legal record regarding issues of sexual abuse.

The ad, which was commissioned by UltraViolet Action and Demand Justice, will air nationally and on MSNBC in Washington, DC ahead of Barrett’s confirmation vote on Monday.  


The ad cites specific instances of Barrett’s favorable rulings toward rapists and sexual abusers, including her decision to reverse the conviction of a prison guard guilty of sexually assaulting a pregnant 19-year-old inmate several times.

“Amy Coney Barrett has a long and troubling record of stealing justice from survivors of sexual abuse – and that record alone is disqualifying,” said Shaunna Thomas, Executive Director of UltraViolet Action, a leading national survivor justice organization.Judges like Amy Coney Barrett who use their power to protect institutions from accountability over sexual assault are incredibly dangerous and should be removed from their positions of authority, not elevated to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.”

“Make no mistake, Barrett’s confirmation would be a disaster for the American people. She would move swiftly to repeal the Affordable Care Act, ban abortion, undermine advances in LGBTQ rights, and gut what is left of the Voting Rights Act. The fact that she has made it a point in her career to undermine justice for survivors of sexual abuse, demonstrates a fatal character flaw – the lack of compassion or empathy – that should be wholly disqualifying,” added Thomas.

“Amy Coney Barrett’s record on justice for survivors is disqualifying,” said Katie O’Connor, Deputy Chief Counsel at Demand Justice. “Her track record of siding against survivors is yet another way she has twisted the law to benefit the already powerful, and it’s another reason she should not be handed a lifetime appointment to the most powerful court in the country.”




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