UltraViolet Hails Unanimous Supreme Court Decision Protecting Access to the Abortion Pill Mifepristone

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, June 13, 2024

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UltraViolet Hails Unanimous Supreme Court Decision Protecting Access to the Abortion Pill Mifepristone

Statement from Nicole Regalado, Vice President of Campaigns, at UltraViolet, the nation’s largest online feminist organization: 

“The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision today to uphold the FDA’s authority to regulate medications like the abortion pill mifepristone is a win for the people and the Constitution. 

“For months, everyday people across the country shined a spotlight on this unprecedented attempt to undermine the FDA’s authority and restrict access to safe, life-saving medication for hundreds of thousands of women and pregnant people. We took to the streets in Texas to put Judge Kazcmaryk on notice, kept the pressure on pharmacies to provide mifepristone, and combatted medical disinformation online.

“This case was always about whether the Supreme Court would prioritize the political, religious, and ideological beliefs of a few of the most powerful men in this country, or the health and wellbeing of everyday people. 

“This time, they did not, but we will not be fooled into complacency by this ruling.  

“This case was weak and had no standing – it does not mean that the Supreme Court is reversing its efforts to curtail access to abortion access. Without a doubt, the conservative cadre of justices that control the Supreme Court is simply biding its time to do whatever it can to ban abortion nationwide, criminalizing medical providers and pregnant patients. UltraViolet members will continue to show up for abortion rights and hold bad actors accountable for stripping women and gender-expansive people of our inherent right to bodily autonomy.

“This ruling today should serve as a green light to pharmaceutical providers that stocking mifepristone is the right decision, their moral obligation, and a decision protected by the full power of the Constitution.”

Over 125,000 people have signed petitions from UltraViolet calling on US pharmacies to provide abortion medications to all customers.

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