UltraViolet on Reports That President Biden Plans to Nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson to US Supreme Court

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, February 25, 2022
CONTACT: Anna Zuccaro | anna@unbendablemedia.com

UltraViolet on Reports That President Biden Plans to Nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson to US Supreme Court

Gender justice advocacy group stresses Brown’s professional qualifications, urges Senate to swiftly approve nominee

WASHINGTON, DC – Moments ago, it was reported that President Biden plans to nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court. Pending Senate approval, Brown Jackson would be the first Black woman to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

In response, Shaunna Thomas, executive director of UltraViolet, a national gender justice organization, issued the following statement:

“President Biden’s nomination of Judge Jackson is a monumental, and long overdue, moment in American history.

“Judge Jackson is a seasoned legal expert with ample experience as a judge and attorney in both the private and public sectors. Judge Jackson is exceptionally qualified to serve as a Justice on the Supreme Court. She is currently a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Prior to Judge Jackson’s appointment to the Appellate Court in 2021, she was a federal trial court judge for eight years, where she authored over 500 legal opinions. Her work as a public defender and vice chair of the US Sentencing Commission shows a strong, principled history and passion for criminal reform.

“We celebrate the historic and monumental nomination of Judge Jackson to the US Supreme Court. At the same time, we also urge members of the media — journalists, editors, producers, anchors, and the like — not to amplify racist and sexist right wing talking points or rhetoric.

“Far before Judge Jackson’s nomination, Republican elected officials and pundits relentlessly attacked the very idea of nominating a Black woman to the Supreme Court. Calling further attention to the right-wing on this matter only gives credence, air time, and clicks over baseless arguments and talking points, with the potential to spread disinformation.

“We are hopeful the Senate will swiftly confirm Judge Jackson to the Supreme Court bench and look forward to her historic service as a Justice on the nation’s most powerful court.”

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