UltraViolet on Texas’ New Abortion Law, How AT&T Bears Responsibility, and Why Google, Amazon and Other Companies Should Cancel Relocation Plans to the State

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, September 2, 2021
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UltraViolet on Texas’ New Abortion Law, How AT&T Bears Responsibility, and Why Google, Amazon and Other Companies Should Cancel Relocation Plans to the State

Women’s Group Says “We Are Closer Than Ever to a Post-Roe World,” “AT&T’s $400k Donations to Republican Lawmakers Helped Make the Abortion Ban a Reality,” and “Companies Should Rethink Investments in Texas”

TEXAS — At midnight on September 1st, S.B.8, a Texas law that bans abortions after six weeks, before most women know they are pregnant, went into effecthttps://weareultraviolet.org/corporate-political-spending-in-texas/ after the Supreme Court failed to grant an emergency appeal by local abortion providers.

Statement from Shaunna Thomas, co-founder and executive director of UltraViolet, on how we are closer than ever to living in a post-Roe world:

“Americans are closer than ever to living in a fully Post-Roe v. Wade world. For the nearly 7 million women of reproductive age in Texas – that terrifying reality is now here.

“Make no mistake – SB8 is the most extreme abortion ban law in the country. Barring people from accessing abortion before they even know that they are pregnant, and empowering viligante extremists to systemically hunt down anyone who helps, or even intends to help, pregnant people exercise basic bodily autonomy in seeking an abortion.

“For decades, Republicans have pursued a strategy to control women’s bodies, eradicate reproductive rights, and hijack the courts. They have largely succeeded putting abortion access out of reach for millions with burdensome laws and barriers – but never before have they had the blessing and encouragement of the Supreme Court – who by refusing to weigh in and block this decision have given a green light to anti-abortion activists across the US. It will be Black, Latino and Indigenous women, young people, disabled people, as well as those with low incomes, who will suffer the most.

“We are at a crisis point, but will continue to fight for abortion care without apology.”

Statement from Sonja Spoo, director of Reproductive Rights Campaigns at UltraViolet on how AT&T donations to GOP state lawmakers in Texas helped fuel passage of Texas’ abortion law:

“AT&T’s donations to Republican State lawmakers in Texas helped fuel and legitimize politicians pushing a radical anti-woman agenda that has manifested as Texas’ newest abortion law.

“In 2020 alone, AT&T donated $291,042 to the specific Republican lawmakers who wrote or advocated for this cruel abortion ban.

“AT&T’s decision to prioritize political influence at the expense of their workers’ and consumers’ livelihoods and bodily autonomy, is nothing short of cruel and disgraceful. Shame on AT&T.”

UltraViolet published a memo documenting the hundreds of thousands in corporate donations to Texas State lawmakers who sponsored SB8.

Statement from Bridget Todd, director of communications for UltraViolet on how companies that relocate to Texas are putting their women employees at risk and why companies like Google, Amazon, and others with a presence in Texas need to speak up:

“Amazon, Google, and any company with a presence in Texas are in a unique position to use their economic power and speak out against SB8. We urge these companies to heed the cries of consumers, workers, and advocates in Texas and demand Texas lawmakers repeal this law or face economic consequences.

“Texas has become a hotspot for tech conglomerates looking for more affordable rent, among other things, outside of Silicon Valley. Simply relocating to Texas while ignoring this deeply politicized reality puts the rights and health of their own workers and consumers at risk. Any company considering relocating to Texas should pause and reconsider that decision in light of this law’s impact on women in their workforces.”

“Corporate America has an opportunity to step in where Texas lawmakers and the Supreme Court have clearly refused. Continued silence is not acceptable.

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