UltraViolet Raises $10,000 For the Lilith Fund to Keep Abortion Affordable in Texas, Doubles Down to Support Texas Women’s Health

UltraViolet, a national online community of more than 450,000 women and men fighting sexism everywhere, announced today that its members are donating more than $10,000 to the Lilith Fund in Texas in solidarity with the fight against SB5. The fund is designed to help keep abortion affordable and accessible for Texas women. The group is also joining the coalition against SB5 and is pledging to escalate the effort with online and radio advertising.

“The nation is watching Gov. Perry and Texas. Women’s lives are at risk from anti-woman activists that want to take personal medical decisions away from patients and doctors—closing clinics across the state, limiting access to care for women in rural areas, and even belittling single mothers like Wendy Davis. If passed, SB5 will be a devastating rallying cry to anyone concerned with women’s health and wellbeing. That’s why our members are mobilizing to stand in solidarity with Texas women,” said Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet.

UltraViolet has 22,000 members in Texas alone that are planning to mobilize against SB5. Their plans include grassroots actions, funding for supplies for protesters, and an online platform to collect stories of support and solidarity from around the nation.