UltraViolet Responds to House Passage of Infrastructure Bill in First Step Toward Build Back Better Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, November 6, 2021
CONTACT: Anna Zuccaro | anna@unbendablemedia.com

UltraViolet Responds to House Passage of Infrastructure Bill in First Step Toward Build Back Better Act

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, a substantial step toward passing President Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

In response, Shaunna Thomas, executive director of UltraViolet, a national gender justice advocacy group, issued the following statement.

“The failure to vote on the Build Back Better Act defies belief and common sense. Women and caregivers have carried this country for the duration of the pandemic, juggling frontline jobs, virtual learning, and caring for loved ones. Women risked their lives and health to organize and mobilize their communities to vote. Women voters and electeds did not accept a framework for this bill that excluded paid leave. Together, we spoke up and we won a major victory that includes paid leave in the Build Back Better Act. We have momentum to pass this life-changing and historic bill.

“Despite President Biden urging passage of both bills last night, a compromise allowed a small group of corporatist Democrats to delay passage. They made a promise to pass Build Back Better by November 15th. We will be watching.

“Paid leave, healthcare access and expansion, investments in childcare, climate change, and a pathway to citizenship are all critical policies. Women need to get back to work, take care of our families, and thrive. While the investments in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act are important, passage alone does not meet this moment or needs of our communities. Less than 10% of all construction industry jobs are held by women.

“We are grateful to strong progressive leaders for holding the line for women and families.

“Our message is clear: Congress must move with the urgency our communities and families deserve to pass the entirety of the president’s agenda. Build Back Better is the downpayment we were promised and it is time that Congress delivers.

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