UltraViolet Responds to NFL’s Ousting of Dan Snyder as Owner of Washington Commanders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, July 21, 2023

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UltraViolet Responds to NFL’s Ousting of Dan Snyder as Owner of Washington Commanders

Yesterday, the NFL released findings from an investigation exposing former Washington Commanders owner, Dan Snyder, for withholding revenue and sexually harassing a former employee. The release of the investigation came after NFL team owners moved to cut ties with Snyder, unanimously approving the sale of the Washington Commanders to Josh Harris for $6.05 billion.

In response, Arisha Hatch, Interim Co-Executive Director at UltraViolet, a leading national gender equality organization that called on the NFL to force Snyder’s sale the Commanders in 2020, issued the following statement:

“The Washington Commanders team, employees, and fans are all better off without Dan Snyder. It should not have taken years, and an over six-billion dollar payout, for such a basic level of accountability.

“To be clear, Snyder’s overdue departure is a failure of the NFL to address sexual harassment and abuse within its own ranks and highlights the need for  comprehensive policies with zero tolerance for sexual harassment, assault, and misconduct. These policies should apply to all NFL staff, players and owners alike.

“In reality, Snyder’s meager $60 million fine is less than 1% of the $6.05 billion he is being paid to surrender the team — that is nowhere near justice. Especially considering the notoriously misogynistic and abusive workplace environment Snyder’s twenty-four year tenure leaves behind. Survivors and women employees of the NFL deserve better.

“We call on the Washington Commanders’ new owner, Josh Harris, to implement new rules that protect team employees from sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse. We sincerely hope that Harris will set a new standard for the Commanders and begin remedying the disturbing legacy of Dan Snyder.”

UltraViolet has been a consistent voice calling for the NFL to take sexual harassment and violence more seriously. In 2015, the group launched the #GoodellMustGo campaign, demanding Commissioner Roger Goodell’s termination after his failure to adequately address domestic violence in the NFL and tolerance for sexual harassment against women employees. In 2020, UltraViolet insisted that the NFL compel Dan Snyder to sell the Commanders after an investigation revealed his role in enabling, encouraging and fostering a hostile workplace and toxic culture for women.

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