Women’s Group: John Kelly Must Resign 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, February 8, 2018
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Women’s Group: John Kelly Must Resign

“It Is Now Clear He’s Not Part Of The Solution, He’s A Big Part Of The Problem”

Statement by Nita Chaudhary, Co-Founder of Ultraviolet, on White House Chief of Staff John Kelly:

“It is time for John Kelly to go. It is now clear that he is not part of the solution, but rather a large part of the problem in this White House.

“In the last week alone, Kelly has stood by, defended and refused to fire a top White House aide with daily access to the President, one who stands accused of years of domestic abuse and assault against two women. Kelly slandered hard-working Dreamers, many of whom hold jobs and attended school, by calling them ‘lazy’. These latest incidents come on top of lying to the American people and trying to discredit a prominent Black Congresswoman despite video evidence that Kelly was flat wrong, all while disrespecting the family and memory of a slain Black serviceman in the process.”

“John Kelly is not reining in Trump’s worst and dangerous tendencies—he is enabling, encouraging and amplifying them. Kelly is not a check on Trump’s racist and sexist views and policies, he shares them, implements them and creates a culture inside the White House that lets them flourish and grow.

“John Kelly is not the anti-Trump, he is the full embodiment of the worst of Trumpism. For the good of the nation, it is time for Kelly to resign. Immediately.”

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