You should arrive with your group ready to run this meeting. Your senator’s legislative staffer will likely expect you to take the reins, so make sure everyone in your group knows the agenda and what they are planning to share. Here is a sample agenda.

  1. Introduce UltraViolet and everyone with you. For example “We are members of UltraViolet, a national organization with thousands of members in this state that advocates for women’s rights.”
  2. Introduce yourself and why you care about this issue. Share any personal stories. Almost everyone has a story to share about health care–what is yours? Perhaps you or someone you love would lose coverage due to a pre-existing condition if the ACA were repealed.  Or do you benefit from the ACA requiring coverage for birth control? Even if you are lucky enough to have had steady health insurance, you can tell your story of a health emergency where you were grateful for care, and share how that makes you committed to affordable health care. These personal stories matter.
  3. Use the talking points to share more broadly why affordable health care and the ACA is important.
  4. Make a clear ask that ends with “Will Senator [X] pledge to oppose any attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act?
  5. Make a plan to follow up. It’s likely that you won’t get an answer right at your meeting, so make a plan to get the answer via email, phone, or another in-person meeting.  
  6. Thank them for their time and give them a handout.

Optional: If you can, bring something to show or deliver to your meeting. Some ideas are photos that document health care needs, health care bills to demonstrate what you would have to pay without affordable coverage, or letters of support from friends or family.