Welcome (15 minutes):

Help everyone get settled and signed in. Introduce yourself and have everyone introduce themselves. This can be done in one group if your party is smaller (fewer than 10 people), or you can break into small groups if your party is larger.


UltraViolet Prezi (10-15 minutes):

This presentation gives a brief history of UltraViolet and the campaigns UV members work on.

You can access the UltraViolet Prezi and the notes to accompany it at https://prezi.com/che8mgalhbbs/ultraviolet-equality-at-a-higher-frequency/


Watch The Hunting Ground (1 hour and 45 minutes):

During the movie, join in on the conversation happening online by using the hashtags #The HuntingGround or #endcampus rape on Instagram and Twitter, and tagging @UltraViolet.


Discussion (20 minutes):

Go around the room or break into small groups to share first impressions. Then use the following questions to guide discussion. It’s ok to spend more time on some even if you don’t get to all the questions, but make sure you get to the end to talk about how you can take action.

1. If you’re a student or faculty member, did you see your campus represented in The Hunting Ground? How? How not?


2. What conversations should parents have with their children about sexual violence? If you are a parent or caretaker, how might you initiate a discussion?


3. What examples of victim blaming did you see in The Hunting Ground? Have you witnessed these examples or other forms of victim blaming on your campus or in the media? How does victim blaming perpetuate the problem of sexual violence?


4. Student activists used federal law to hold their universities accountable for investigating and adjudicating instances of sexual violence on campus. Beyond legal action, how else do students in the film hold their universities to account? Which approaches felt most powerful or inspiring to you?


5. What were the ways in which survivors in the film channeled their experiences into healing? How do you think universities can support students dealing with trauma in the aftermath of an assault?


6.The Hunting Ground reveals a systemic problem of sexual violence across college campuses. How might students, parents, alumni, faculty or administrators work together regionally or nationally to improve campus safety?


How to take action to end campus sexual assault (10-20 minutes):

Several organizations, including UltraViolet, have put together a list of actions we can take to combat this problem. Some are more political and aimed at systemic change. Others are more about being a good ally to individuals. What are some ways you think we can, individually and as a group, combat campus sexual assault?


Help students, prospective students, and their caretakers make more informed decisions: Countless high school seniors and their parents consult the Princeton Review school rankings each year. It grades schools on everything from quality of life to class size to fire safety, but it includes nothing about sexual assault. Tell the Princeton Review to include sexual assault prevention and response in its ranking of colleges at http://act.weareultraviolet.org/sign/princeton_review_campus_rape/


Tell Congress to do right by survivors: Currently, Congress is considering the so-called “Safe Campuses Act,” a piece of legislation opposed by survivors and advocates. The bill would require survivors to report to the police by preventing schools from carrying out an investigation or any sort of discipline process until the police have investigated. Call your elected officials to see where they stand on this and tell them that the “Safe Campuses Act” will create more barriers for survivors, decrease reporting, and result in less safe campuses.

Pledge to stop sexual assault: Take the bystander intervention pledge and learn more at ItsOnUs.org


For more ideas on how to be an ally to survivors as a friend, student, parent, or alum, visit seeactstop.org


Wrap Up and Hang Out

If you’re able, have a computer (or two!) available so people can sign the It’s On Us pledge and the Princeton Review petition before they leave.

Download printable sample agenda.

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