Disinformation and bias can inspire both online and offline attacks intended to delegitimize, depersonalize, and ultimately dissuade women and people of color from participating in politics. Women of color, LGBTQ people, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, and people who belong to religious minorities are at an even greater risk of becoming targets of disinformation campaigns, hate speech, and real-world violence.

The 117th United States Congress will be the most diverse in history, with more women, people of color, and openly LGBTQ members than ever before. Similarly, President Joe Biden’s proposed cabinet could make history as the most diverse group to ever lead federal agencies.

The media must play a role in ensuring that women and people of color running for, nominated for, or holding positions of power in government are represented fairly.

This guide will help journalists and social media platforms identify and avoid unintentional sexist and racist bias or disinformation when interviewing, writing about, or moderating content about women and people of color.

Read and download the guide from UltraViolet here.