Facebook Is Under Attack For Not Having A Woman On Its Board Of Directors

UltraViolet, a political group that fights sexism, has a bone to pick with Facebook. It wants Facebook to put a women on its board of directors and is urging its 300,000 members to petition Facebook about it. They have a point. More than half of Facebook’s users are women — 58% — Facebook says. And women are more active users of Facebook than men, doing two-thirds the sharing. So while Facebook is making a bundle selling ads to women, it is downright shameful that Facebook couldn’t find a single woman board member to help advise it. The irony of Facebook’s all male board is that the company’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg recently spoke out against how women were being kept out of power positions. At last month’s Women In The World conference in New York, Sandberg said, “Women have held 15 to 18 percent of top jobs for the past few years. Is this a stalled revolution?”