In 2017, survivors from across different industries have stepped up to call out the (mostly) men who harassed, assaulted and raped them. While some of those accused have faced their wrongdoing, others, including President Donald Trump, have continued to deny and attack the brave women and men who stood up. UltraViolet believes in taking accusations seriously and following through with investigations, prosecutions and disciplinary measures where appropriate. We’ve created the following list of prominent abusers so we can continue to keep track, call out and demand accountability.

Donald Trump (President of the United States)

Ben Affleck (Entertainment)

Miki Agrawal (Business)

Rodney Anderson (Sports)

Frank Artale (Tech)

Tom Ashbrook (Media)

Omar Ashmawy (Politics)

Theodore Atkinson (Government)

Ken Baker (Media)

André Balazs (Restaurant)

Gavin Baker (Tech)

Mario Batali (Entertainment)

Randy Baumgardner (Politics)

Hardian Belove (Entertainment)

Eddie Berganza (Art)

John Besh (Restaurant)

Stephen Bittel (Politics)

Stephen Blackwell (Media)

David Blaine (Entertainment)

Sepp Blatter (Sports)

Raul Bocanegra (Politics)

Eric Bolling (Media)

Richard Branson (Business)

George H.W. Bush (Former President of the United States)

Louis C.K. (Entertainment)

Justin Caldbeck (Tech)

Marc Canter (Tech)

Sean Carlson (Entertainment)

Julian Carroll (Politics)

Nick Carter (Entertainment)

John Casey (Academics)

Justin Caldbeck (Tech)

David Cassidy (Entertainment)

Jeff Clemens (Politics)

Chuck Close (Art)

John Conyers (Politics)

David Corn (Media)

Tony Cornish (Politics)

Andrew Creighton (Media)

Matt Dababaneh (Politics)

Eric Davis (Sports)

Jim Decesare (Politics)

Fred Destin (Tech)

Andy Dick (Entertainment)

Richard Dreyfuss (Entertainment)

Andrew Duncan (Entertainment)

Kris Duggan (Tech)

Steve Edwards (Media)

Ezekiel Elliot (Sports)

Shadie Elnashai (Entertainment)

Heath Evans (Sports)

Michael Fallon (Politics)

Blake Farenthold (Politics)

Marshall Faulk (Sports)

Adam Fields (Entertainment)

Hamilton Fish (Media)

Harold Ford, Jr. (Politics/Business)

William Fourkiller (Politics)

Tom Frangione (Tech)

Al Franken (Politics)

Trent Franks (Politics)

Ken Friedman (Restaurant)

Gaslamp Killer (Entertainment)

Benjamin Genocchio (Art)

Mike Germano (Media)

Gary Goddard (Entertainment)

David Gomberg (Politics)

Brian Gosch (Politics)

Tyler Grasham (Entertainment)

David Guillod (Entertainment)

Mark Halperin (Media)

Jon Heely (Entertainment)

Stephen Henderson (Media)

Andy Henry (Entertainment)

Bob Hertzberg (Politics)

Cliff Hite (Politics)

John Hockenberry (Media)

Dustin Hoffman (Entertainment)

Jeff Hoover (Politics)

Jamie Horowitz (Sports)

Israel Horovitz (Entertainment)

Justin Huff (Entertainment)

Michael Irvins (Sports)

Johnny Iuzzini (Restaurant)

Jesse Jackson (Politics)

Lee Jacobs (Tech)

Rhys James (Media)

Dan Johnson (Politics)

Steve Jurvetson (Tech)

Ethan Kath (Entertainment)

Garrison Keillor (Media)

R. Kelly (Entertainment)

Ruben Kihuen (Politics)

Dan Kirby (Politics)

Robert Knepper (Entertainment)

Bobby Knight (Sports)

Alex Kozinski (Politics)

Andrew Kramer (Entertainment)

Andrew Kreisberg (Entertainment)

Jeff Kruse (Politics)

Jesse Lacey (Entertainment)

Roger LaMay (Media)

Knight Landesman (Art)

Max Landis (Entertainment)

Kaj Larsen (Media)

John Lasseter (Entertainment)

Jack Latvala (Politics)

Matt Lauer (Media)

Victor Lawrence (Government)

Daylin Leach (Politics)

Steve Lebsock (Politics)

James Levine (Art)

Corey Lewandowski (Politics)

Brian Linder (Politics)

Ryan Lizza (Media)

Mark Lovell (Politics)

Mark Manendo (Politics)

Peyton Manning (Sports)

Octavio Mantilla (Restaurant)

Amanda Marshall (Government)

Melanie Martinez (Entertainment)

Danny Masterson (Entertainment)

Dave McClure (Tech)

Donovan McNabb (Tech)

Benny Medina (Entertainment)

Tony Mendoza (Politics)

Michael Meredith (Politics)

Murray Miller (Entertainment)

T.J. Miller (Entertainment)

Jason Mojica (Media)

Matt Mondanile (Entertainment)

Warren Moon (Sports)

Roy Moore (Politics)

Clint Myers (Sports)

Rick Najera (Media)

Larry Nasser (Sports)

Nelly (Entertainment)

Babak Nivi (Tech)

Carter Oosterhouse (Entertainment)

Bill O’Reilly (Media)

Michael Oreskes (Media)

Charles Payne (Media)

Shervin Pishevar (Business)

Jeremy Piven (Entertainment)

Dave Portnoy (Sports)

Cliff Pozner (Sports)

Roy Price (Entertainment)

Twiggy Ramirez (Entertainment)

Andrea Ramsey (Politics)

Brett Ratner (Entertainment)

Jerry Richardson (Sports)

Terry Richardson (Entertainment)

Charlie Rose (Media)

Pete Rose (Sports)

Paul Rosenthal (Politics)

Gilbert Rozon (Entertainment)

Geoffrey Rush (Entertainment)

Chris Sacca (Tech)

Miguel Sano (Sports)

Warren Sapp (Sports)

Chris Savino (Entertainment)

Eric Schlein (Politics)

Dan Schoen (Politics)

Mark Schwahn (Entertainment)

Robert Scoble (Tech)

Bobby Scott (Politics)

Ryan Seacrest (Entertainment)

Steven Seagal (Entertainment)

John Searle (Academics)

Charlie Sheen (Entertainment)

Don Shooter (Politics)

Andy Signore (Media)

Ira Silverstein (Politics)

Russell Simmons (Entertainment)

Bryan Singer (Entertainment)

Amit Singhal (Tech)

John Singleton (Entertainment)

Tom Sizemore (Entertainment)

Tavis Smiley (Media)

Kevin Spacey (Entertainment)

Morgan Spurlock (Entertainment)

Sylvestor Stallone (Entertainment)

Lockhart Steele (Media)

Lorin Stein (Media)

Oliver Stone (Entertainment)

David Sweeney (Media)

George Takei (Entertainment)

Jeffrey Tambor (Entertainment)

Jack Tate (Politics)

Ike Taylor (Sports)

Glenn Thrush (Media)

James Toback (Entertainment)

John Travolta (Entertainment)

Adam Venit (Entertainment)

Bruce Weber (Art)

Kirt Webster (Entertainment)

Eric Weinberger (Media)

Matthew Weiner (Entertainment)

Bob Weinstein (Entertainment)

Harvey Weinstein (Entertainment)

Jann Wenner (Media)

Ed Westwick (Entertainment)

Elie Wiesel (Art)

Leon Wieseltier (Media)

Brendan Williams (Politics)

Jameis Winston (Sports)

Matthew Wollmann (Politics)

James Woods (Entertainment)

Matt Zimmerman (Media)

List current as of December 29, 2017. Updated regularly. Missing something? Let us know at