Gender Justice Group Warns of Right-Wing Violence Ahead on First Anniversary of Jan. 6th Insurrection

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, January 6, 2021

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Gender Justice Group Warns of Right-Wing Violence Ahead on First Anniversary of Jan. 6th Insurrection 

WASHINGTON, DC — Today marks the first anniversary of January 6th’s insurrection in the United States. On this day last year, a violent mob sieged the Capitol Building seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 election in support of Donald Trump. The event resulted in  seven deaths with dozens more injured.

In response, Shaunna Thomas, executive director at UltraViolet, a national gender justice advocacy organization, issued the following statement:

“Last year, a violent mob of Trump supporters organized an attack on Congress in attempt to overturn the results of 2020’s presidential election. Despite the harrowing results of this insurrection, acts of physical violence are hardly new for supporters of the Republican party.

“Throughout history, angry mobs — particularly those associated with white supremacy — have used violence to intimidate and harm people with opposing views. What we saw on January 6th was no different. With 2022 midterms in sight, we are still in the throes of a rising political trend of violence, particularly against women, especially Black women and women of color.

“From last year’s plot to abduct Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmar, to constant death threats against Rep. Ilhan Omar, and last week’s firebomb on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee,  this pattern of politically motivated violence will likely continue.

“We urge elected officials on both sides of the aisle to take accountability by safeguarding the right to vote for all Americans, preventing violence and intimidation at the polls, stopping the proliferation of disinformation and harassment online,  and loudly condemning the horrific acts of January 6th.


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