Survivors of Rape Join Campaign Demanding Reebok Drop Rick Ross Over Dangerous Lyrics

More than 150 survivors of sexual assault have launched an open letter to Reebok today demanding that Reebok drop Rick Ross for bragging about drugging and raping a woman and for his subsequent non-apologies blaming everyone but himself for the controversy. To accompany the new letter, UltraViolet members have launched a combined phone, twitter, and online ad push targeting the company with upwards of 10,000 calls into Reebok, with over 8,500 already made, mobilizing on Twitter with tweets to @Reebok, with more than 2,000 already sent, and a Facebook ad and comment campaign targeting Reebok customers.

More than 150 survivors have already signed on to the letter, which launched this morning. See it here:

“As a survivor of rape, I’m appalled with Reebok’s use of their brand to promote rape and I am fed up with being told what counts or does not count as rape by both Reebok and Rick Ross,” said Wagatwe Wanjuke, the author of the letter who works on reproductive health issues in New York, NY. “We will not give up until Reebok drops Ross and we urge them to issue an apology to their customers and to survivors of rape who have been hurt by their brand’s message.”

75,732 people have signed onto UltraViolet’s petition demanding Reebok drop Ross. See it here:

“This issue is simple: Reebok is promoting rape and they need to stop. Rick Ross’ non-apology and inability to understand that drugging and ‘enjoying’ an unconscious woman is in fact rape is appalling,” said Nita Chaudhary, co-founder of UltraViolet. “We are in the middle of a culture change— Steubenville opened many people’s eyes to the real danger of rape culture and 75,732 Reebok customers have had enough: we demand Reebok stop promoting rape and drop Rick Ross.”

Today’s escalation comes on the heels of a protest in front of Reebok’s flagship store in NYC where UltraViolet and NOW NYC members were barred from entering when they attempted to deliver the petitions. See photos here: Also this week, students at Carleton University in Ottawa were inspired by the campaign to cancel a Rick Ross concert slated there for later this week.

UltraViolet is planning further action throughout this week if Reebok continues to support Rick Ross’ bragging about rape. Reebok’s inaction during Sexual Assault Awareness month is seen as an especially hard hit to survivors who have become involved in the campaign.

Reebok’s US spokesperson Jenny Shanley can be reached at: 781-401-4548

The lyrics to Ross’ single, UOENO, that are under fire: “I die over these reeboks, you dont even know it / Put molly all in the champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoy that, she aint even know it.”