Plane Flies Over Hollywood Urging Industry to “Stop Enabling Abuse” After Weinstein Sexual Harassment Scandal

Media Advisory forOctober 10, 2017

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Plane Flies Over Hollywood Urging Industry to “Stop Enabling Abuse” After Weinstein Sexual Harassment Scandal

UltraViolet commissions “HOLLYWOOD: STOP ENABLING ABUSE” plane banner targeting entertainment industry for its silence over Harvey Weinstein

LOS ANGELES, CA — On Tuesday, October 10th,  UltraViolet, a leading women’s advocacy organization, will fly a plane banner over Hollywood urging the entertainment industry to stop enabling sexual abuse with silence. The banner was commissioned after a report by The New York Times revealed that Harvey Weinstein spent decades paying off sexual harassment accusers. Last week, when the New York Times broke the story, UltraViolet immediately called on the board of The Weinstein Company to fire Harvey. The Weinstein Company board fired Harvey Weinstein from his company over the weekend.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 10th 11:00am to 1:00pm pm (local time)

WHERE: Hollywood, California


Nita Chaudhary, co-founder of UltraViolet, explained:

“If we are going to tackle rape culture in this country, we need to address the entertainment industry and its willingness to cover up decades worth of sexual abuse on Harvey Weinstein’s account.  Not only has Hollywood normalized Weinstein’s abhorrent treatment of women, they enabled it by doing and saying absolutely nothing.

“It’s no secret that Hollywood is egregiously sexist, from pay discrimination to sexual abuse and body image standards,  but it is appalling that an industry would cover the tracks of a man who spent literally decades abusing his power by abusing women. Sure, the Weinstein Company’s board fired Harvey Weinstein, but only after the New York Times investigation sparked enough outrage for people to speak up and say, ‘enough is enough’.

“No one should ever get away with sexual harassment. Hollywood’s silence over Harvey Weinstein shows just how far we have to go before sexual harassment in the workplace is no longer a topic of discussion.”

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