UltraViolet: GOP Healthcare Plan Will Put Hundreds of Thousands of Women’s Lives at Stake

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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UltraViolet: GOP Healthcare Plan Will Put Hundreds of Thousands of Women’s Lives at Stake

Yesterday, House Republicans introduced the American Health Care Act as a solution to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The American Health Care Act takes away sliding scale subsidies that help patients purchase affordable coverage, and replaces them with one size fits all tax credit that puts insurance out of reach for millions.

Experts warn that the American Health Care Act may result in a loss of health insurance for millions of people and undermine protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Time gaps in insurance coverage would force many to pay large penalties over the next year, making quality coverage more difficult to attain. The legislation would also defund Planned Parenthood and disallow individuals from purchasing health care plans that cover abortions.

In reaction to the Republican plan, Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, issued the following statement:

“For years, the Republican Party has been trying to bring women back to a time before reproductive health care access and affordable health care coverage, and the GOP’s health care proposal would do just that and more. The American Health Care Act would cost hundreds of thousands of women their lives – by eliminating guaranteed coverage of cervical or breast cancer screening tests, abolishing comprehensive maternity care and domestic violence screenings or denying women access to birth control and emergency contraception. For women and their families, the tried-and-true benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act are non-negotiable.

“The GOP healthcare plan is more than just an assault on women – it is the makings of a national healthcare crisis – one which kicks millions of people off health insurance plans. The American Health Care Act would make it impossible for states to continue medicaid expansion and set the stage for deep cuts to medicaid funding for seniors, low-income families, and children. The plan would increase costs, make coverage less affordable, and undermine those with pre-existing conditions – all to give bonus tax cuts to the wealthiest American families.

“Repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with the Republican plan isn’t a solution, it’s an impending crisis for millions of Americans who can’t afford to lose their healthcare.”

As part of UltraViolet’s effort to protect the Affordable Care Act, the group has compiled the the stories that Republican Party doesn’t want you to hear about – the American’s who can’t afford to lose their health insurance:

‘My son is currently in the hospital with arteriovenous malformation. He has had one brain surgery and will require many rounds of radiation. If coverage for people with pre-existing conditions is taken away, we likely will not be able to get healthcare coverage. And without healthcare coverage, I will be unable to afford the treatments for my son. Obamacare has made sure that my family is covered and my son can receive the care he desperately needs. Please do not take this away from us.’ — Whitney W.; Morgantown, WV

‘Many insurance companies treated being transgender as a pre-existing condition. Obamacare stopped that. Thanks to Obamacare, my trans hormone replacement therapy cannot be denied for coverage.’ — Janet L.; Stone Mountain, GA

‘I became ill six months before I became insured under the ACA. I had to wait for treatment because I was unable to afford health insurance without the subsidy. By the time I received treatment, I was in constant pain. Without the ACA, I wouldn’t have been able to afford the simple procedure that cured my condition and, perhaps, saved my life.’ — Debbie W.; Mountain Home, AR

Read more stories from UltraViolet members who rely on the Affordable Care Act for health insurance coverage.  Each poster is available to talk to media about their stories: http://cantaffordtolose.com/


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