UltraViolet Launches “Grab Back” Campaign to Galvanize Women for Midterms, Says Women Carried Democrats to Victory Last Night

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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UltraViolet: Women Carried Democrats to Victory Last Night

Group Launches “Grab Back” Campaign To Galvanize Women For Midterms  

Statement from Nita Chaudhary, co-founder of UltraViolet, a leading women’s advocacy organization, on the results of last night’s elections:

“Women, especially women of color, carried the Democratic Party to victory last night – both at the polls, and on the ballots. And we know that women are leading the resistance and have since day one of the Trump Administration. 

“Across the country, women are fired up and ready to win big in 2018. That’s why UltraViolet is launching the ‘Grab Back’ campaign, to help keep this fire burning, galvanizing women voters and providing women with all of the tools they need to take back Congress in 2018.”

ABOUT ULTRAVIOLET’S ‘GRAB BACK’ CAMPAIGN:  In 2018, women have a real chance to hold Trump’s racist, sexist enablers accountable and elect a wave of pro-woman leaders up and down the ballot. This week, UltraViolet members in dozens of key districts across the country opened up their homes and held the first meetings of the UltraViolet ‘Grab Back’ teams. These teams will:

  • Hold pro-Trump anti-woman enablers accountable for their votes and actions;
  • Shine a spotlight on the worst misogynists in positions of power, and boost pro-women champions;
  • Start reaching out to women voters in their communities to talk about what’s at stake next November;
  • Start building the groundwork for women to grab back the Congress in 2018.


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