UltraViolet: Mishandling Of Sexual Assault Cases Make McMaster Unfit To Serve; New National Security Advisor Should Be Fired

For Immediate Release: Friday, March 3, 2017

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UltraViolet: Mishandling Of Sexual Assault Cases Make McMaster Unfit To Serve; New National Security Advisor Should Be Fired

Yesterday, the Washington Post disclosed documents showing that Donald Trump’s new National Security Adviser, Lt Gen. H.R. McMaster, was investigated by the Army in 2015 for his handling of a case involving two lieutenants accused of sexual assault.

According to reports, McMaster violated Army rules by allowing the two junior officers to attend the service’s Ranger School, despite being under criminal investigation. The case was later dropped after the Army determined that the alleged victim was not a “credible witness.”

McMaster replaced Lt. General Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign on February 13. McMaster does not need to be confirmed by the Senate.

Karin Roland, Chief Campaigns Officer, issued the following statement in response:

“It is disgusting but not surprising that Donald Trump, a man who has sexually assaulted numerous women, would keep McMaster around, but the fact of the matter is McMaster’s mishandling of sexual assault cases make him unfit to serve as National Security Advisor. Moreover, McMaster’s display of complete disregard for sexual misconduct is simply unacceptable and he should be fired immediately.

“When women join the military, they are bravely signing up for a lifetime of dedication to our country; not for sexual harassment and abuse from their male counterparts.

“We must show members of the Armed Forces and all women that there is never a wrong time or place to come forward and report sexual abuse. That is why McMaster must go.

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