UltraViolet PAC, Nuestro PAC Launch Major Spanish Language Radio Buy in Georgia to Turn Out Latina Voters for Senate Runoff Races

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, December 15, 2020

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UltraViolet PAC, Nuestro PAC Launch Major Spanish Language Radio Buy in Georgia to Turn Out Latina Voters for Senate Runoff Races

Radio Ads Encourage Latina Voters in the Atlanta Area to Cast Ballots for Jon Ossoff and Rev.  Raphael Warnock 

ATLANTA — Beginning on Tuesday, December 15th, UltraViolet PAC and Nuestro PAC will begin running Spanish-language radio ads across the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan region targeting Latina voters – urging them to vote in the upcoming Senate runoff races.

The ads will air on all major Spanish-language radio stations in the region, home to the majority of Latinx voters in the state, including WBZY-FM, WCHK-AM and WLKQ-FM. 

The one-minute radio spots urge Latinas in Georgia to look for their polling locations and vote in the January 5th runoff elections. The ads feature two Latinas of Mexican ancestry speaking to one another in a park about the Senate runoffs. The following is the English translation:

Woman #1: Hello, friend! Did you already vote?

Woman #2: What? There’s another election?

Woman #1:  Yes, friend! We have to return to vote for two Senate candidates. I just mailed in my ballot, and voted for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

Woman #2: Tell me more. 

Woman #1:  I voted for them because they will fight for us (feminine) to protect our jobs and families during the pandemic. They will demand that workplaces pay us the same as men, and also help pass immigration reform that protects women. 

Woman #2: You’re right! How can I vote?

Woman #1:  You can start voting in person from Monday, the 14th of December, to Tuesday, 5th of January. Visit Georgia.gov to find your voting location.

Woman #2: I am going to vote! It’s the only way we can advance in this country.

According to Nielsen, 94% of Latina women listen to AM/FM radio more than any other demographic group in the US. In Georgia, Latinas comprise 2.5% of the state’s electorate with 250,000 voters. 

Listen to the ads here: https://soundcloud.com/ultraviolet-11/radio-ads-urge-latina-women-in-georgia-to-vote-in-senate-race

“Latina women can help deliver a major victory for Democrats in Georgia and throughout the country on January 5, 2021,” said Elisa Batista, Campaign Director at UltraViolet PAC. “Do not underestimate the power of the Latina electorate to help sway the elections. We commissioned these ads to urge Latina women voters in the Atlanta area to get out and vote for the democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock by January 5th. In order to win these senate seats and help deliver a senate that will act on the issues that Georgia Latinas care the most about–reforming our immigration system, protecting the labor rights of women, and getting our families the COVID relief we desperately need and deserve–Georgians must vote for Ossoff and Warnock by January 5.”

“We want to make sure every Latina woman who can vote in Georgia knows why there is another election happening and how important it is for them to make their voices heard. We will make sure they know how to vote, when to vote, and most importantly, who to vote for,” said Chuck Rocha, Founder of Nuestro PAC. “Latina women hold a lot of influence within our households and they reliably back Democrats, so making sure they are being communicated to is essential to ensuring victory on January 5th.”

In the 2020 general election, UltraViolet Action engaged with Latina women voters in Florida, Arizona and Pennsylvania in Spanish on the radio.

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