UltraViolet Reacts to Reports that Bloomberg Will Release Three Women from Non-Disclosure Agreements, Says: “Release them All”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, February 21, 2020

CONTACT: Brett Abrams | brett@unbendablemedia.com 


WASHINGTON, DC — This afternoon, Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg announced that his company would release three women from non-disclosure agreements  and that his company would no longer offer NDAs “to resolve claims of sexual harassment or misconduct going forward.”

In reaction to the announcement, Shaunna Thomas, co-founder and executive director of UltraViolet, a leading national women’s group that called on Bloomberg to release all former employees from non-disclosure agreements related to sexual harassment and workplace abuse, issued the following statement:

“Bloomberg’s announcement that he is willing to release three former employees from confidentiality and non-disparagement agreements, and that his company would end the use of NDAs as it relates to workplace sexual abuse, is proof that Bloomberg is being forced to recognize that requiring people who have endured harassment or abuse to stay silent is unacceptable. 

“Fellow presidential candidates led by Senator Warren as well as thousands of UltraViolet members and other advocates who have been outraged by Bloomberg’s response to this issue spoke out about his history of racism and sexism and clearly, it’s working. 

“But this is just a start. Bloomberg has faced 40 cases involving 65 people who endured discrimination and harassment as his employee. His sexist and racist attitude and statements have been well documented. Releasing just three women from their non-disclosure agreements – if they choose to ask for permission- does not wipe the slate clean on his record. 

“If Bloomberg were truly serious about transparency and justice, not only would he release all individuals from NDA’s but he’d also commit to restitution- for the women he’s harmed directly and the communities he’s harmed through racist and sexist policies.”

Last year, UltraViolet, in conjunction with workplace abuse prevention experts from Works in Progress and PB Work Solutions, released a set of recommendations and guidelines for all 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to use to prevent and respond to workplace harassment and sexual violence within their campaigns. 

In the recommendations, the groups argued that campaigns should not require as a condition of employment nondisclosure agreements relating to harassment or employee misconduct nor require forced arbitration in order to adjudicate matters related to harassment or employee misconduct.


Thousands of UltraViolet members have signed onto a petition demanding that all 2020 presidential candidates, including Mike Bloomberg, stop silencing survivors and release former and current employees who request it from nondisclosure agreements relating to sexual assault, abuse, or harassment.

VIEW THE PETITION HERE: https://act.weareultraviolet.org/sign/presidentialNDA/