THIS WEEK: Women’s Group Targets Trump While at Mar-A-Lago with TV Ads Highlighting How Abortion Access, Affordable Care Act Are More Popular Than Trump

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, November 20, 2017

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THIS WEEK: Women’s Group Targets Trump While at Mar-A-Lago with TV Ads Highlighting How Abortion Access, Affordable Care Act Are More Popular Than Trump 

The Ads Will Run All Week Long on Fox News and NBC, During TV Shows “Fox & Friends” and “Saturday Night Live” 


Palm Beach, FL — This week, UltraViolet, a leading national women’s advocacy organization, will continue its “More Popular Than Trump” campaign with TV ads targeted at Trump during his stay at the Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach.

The ads, which will run Tuesday through Saturday during Fox & Friends and Saturday Night Live, will highlight all things Americans approve of more than Donald Trump; including access to abortionsthe Affordable Care Actpaid family leave, and even Nickelback.


“This month, one year after the presidential election, Donald Trump’s approval ratings have hit an all-time low,” said Nita Chaudhary, co-founder of UltraViolet. “Fewer than four in 10 Americans approve of the way he is handling his duty as President. However, Donald Trump refuses to believe these ratings. In fact, he actually believes his approval ratings are as high as 50%.

“Donald Trump is obsessed with his own ratings and popularity—so much so that he continues to prioritize them over issues that actually impact the American people. That’s why we are running TV ads on one of his most beloved propagandist shows, Fox & Friends, all week long during one of his countless stays at the Mar-A-Lago. Our message is clear: America rejects Trump and his agenda.”

“Among the many things that are more popular than Trump are abortion access, the Affordable Care Act  and policies that would guarantee paid family leave for employees.. We know Trump doesn’t like facts, but these are facts—and ones he cannot deny.”

In March, UltraViolet rolled out the “More Popular Than Trump” campaign in Palm Beach, as Trump visited his Mar-A-Lago country club, featuring TV ads in the Palm Beach media market that ran on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, as well as NBC’s Meet the Press, CBS’s Face the Nation, ABC’s This Week and on Saturday Night Live. UltraViolet also placed billboards around Palm Beach, flew planes,  took out newspaper ads in DC, and Snapchat filters at Trump rallies with the same “More Popular Than Trump” theme.

In May, when Trump first starting spending time at Bedminster, UltraViolet commissioned a digital truck billboard to circle Bedminster declaring “Abortion Access is More Popular than Trump” and digital billboards on I-78 trolled Trump as he travelled from New York City to Bedminster.




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