UltraViolet Trolls Trump at Bedminster Golf Club With “Abortion Access is More Popular Than Trump” Billboards, Snapchat Filters

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Women’s Group to Troll Trump (and His Low Poll Numbers) All Summer At His Bedminster Club

Summer-Long “More Popular Than Trump” Campaign Will Feature TV Ads, Billboards, Snapchat Filters and More That Point Out All The Things More Popular Than Trump

Starting on Weekend of May 5th, Digital Billboard Circles Bedminster Golf Course With Message Reading: “Abortion Access is More Popular Than Trump”

BEDMINSTER, NEW JERSEY — As President Trump plans his first trip of the Summer to the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster this Thursday night, May 4th, UltraViolet, a leading women’s advocacy group, is renewing its “More Popular Than Trump” campaign – with plans to saturate the Bedminster media market with all things that are more popular than the President of the United States.

Starting on the Thursday, May 4th and running through Monday, May 8th, the first weekend President Donald Trump plans to spend at Bedminster, UltraViolet has commissioned a digital truck billboard to circle Bedminster declaring “Abortion Access is More Popular than Trump.”  Starting on Thursday night, the digital billboards will be on I-78, to troll Trump as he heads from New York City to Bedminster.

VIEW THE DIGITAL BILLBOARD ADS HERE: https://www.flickr.com/photos/79559505@N06/33618072673/in/album-72157680153685404/

UltraViolet has also commissioned a Snapchat filter that will be available for use at Trump Bedminster golf club.   The filter points out that abortion access is more popular than Donald Trump.

VIEW THE SNAPCHAT FILTERS HERE: https://www.flickr.com/photos/79559505@N06/34428384905/in/album-72157680153685404/

The summer-long Bedminster effort designed to troll Trump will also feature TV ads, standing billboards along the motorcade route, and snapchat filters pointing out that things like the Affordable Care Act, abortion access, paid family leave and even the infamous band Nickelback are more popular than the President.

LEARN MORE AT: www.morepopularthantrump.com

In March, UltraViolet rolled out the “More Popular Than Trump” campaign in Palm Beach, as Trump visited his Mar-A-Lago country club, featuring TV ads in the Palm Beach media market that ran on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, as well as NBC’s Meet the Press, CBS’s Face the Nation, ABC’s This Week and on Saturday Night Live. UltraViolet also placed billboards around Palm Beach, flew planes and took out newspaper ads in DC, and Snapchat filters at Trump rallies with the same “More Popular Than Trump” theme.


“Since Donald Trump is so obsessed with his own ratings and popularity, prioritizing them over issues that actually impact the American people, we could think of no better way of trolling him than surrounding his golf course where he’ll vacation all summer with a clear message: America rejects Trump and his agenda. ,” said Shaunna Thomas, Co-founder of UltraViolet.  “Among the many things that are more popular than Trump are abortion access, the Affordable Care Act  and policies that would guarantee paid family leave for employees more than they support the President. After countless weekends vacationing at his many golf clubs, we hope this ad campaign let’s Trump know – that even as he hides in Bedminster – he’s still not popular.”

In the ads, UltraViolet cites polls showing that 70% of Americans approve of abortion access, while only 38% of Americans approve of Donald Trump.

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