YEAR IN REVIEW: Women’s Group Keeps Running List of Accused Sexual Abusers from 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, December 20, 2017
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YEAR IN REVIEW: Women’s Group Keeps Running List of Accused Sexual Abusers from 2017

UltraViolet’s Webpage Calls Out Sexual Assaulters and Harassers by Name and Industry

UltraViolet, a leading women’s advocacy group, has launched a new webpage, featuring a running list of high-profile men and women who have been accused of sexual misconduct in 2017. The list calls out each sexual abuser by name and industry, illustrating the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault issues in all workplaces across the country – and degree of regularity with which sexual abusers do not face accountability for their actions.


“In the year of #MeToo, survivors have stepped up and called their abusers out, sparking a new wave of urgency and accountability in all industries, from Hollywood, to Capitol Hill, to restaurants, hotels, board rooms, and everywhere in between,” said Nita Chaudhary, Co-founder of UltraViolet. “And as more and more survivors speak out each day, the pervasiveness of sexual assault and harassment across the country has never been clearer.

“That’s why UltraViolet is launching a running list of 2017’s sexual abusers, including President Donald Trump, who continues to attack the brave survivors who have taken a stand against him. We will continue to keep track, call out, and demand accountability for each and every predator on our list.”

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