UltraViolet fights for women during the coronavirus pandemic

Women are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis–we make up the majority of frontline workers and essential employees. We’re facing the greatest economic barriers because of a lack of childcare and are more likely to lose our jobs. UltraViolet is fighting to ensure women, especially women of color, are not forgotten during this catastrophic moment. UltraViolet has joined forces with nurses and unions to demand federal action to get health care workers the personal protective equipment (PPE) they desperately need, and we are  pushing Congress for relief that centers the needs of women and their families. Together with allies, we’ve driven more than 120,000 signatures to Congress demanding immediate action for medical professionals on the frontlines of this pandemic and coordinated with allies to drive calls to key decision-makers in Congress to pass funding for more PPE and workplace safety protections.