UltraViolet members just defeated Trumpcare. Again.

On September 26, Senate Republican leaders conceded defeat on the “Graham-Cassidy” bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act! Because of pressure from UltraViolet members and allies, every single Senate Democrat and enough Republicans refused to vote to take away our care. UltraViolet members signed petitions; tweeted; made calls; shared graphics; showed up at local Senate offices for sit-ins, vigils, and speakouts; wrote letters to the editor; and more. For the time being, the Affordable Care Act remains the law of the land. Read more.

UltraViolet members helped save the Affordable Care Act!

In July 2017, the Senate voted down the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act! Senate Republicans were inches away from stealing care from millions of people, but they were no match for tireless UltraViolet members who showed up, again and again, month after month. You held sit-ins and speak-outs, letter-writing and call Congress house parties, and even spur-of-the-moment rallies. Your work was integral to ensuring senators didn’t vote to rob millions of their health care. Read more

Signet Jewelers CEO and sexual harasser Mark Light retires

Signet Jewelers–parent company of Kay Jewelers and Jared Galleria–CEO, Mark Light will start an early retirement at the end of July 2017. Over 44,000 UltraViolet members called on Signet to fire Light after news broke that hundreds of women who worked for the jewelry company reported being demeaned, groped, or forced into sex to get a raise or promotion, including by Light himself. Now that Light is gone, Signet can finally start the work of reforming their disturbing sexual harassment problem in earnest.

Fox News Fires Bill O’Reilly

After nearly 80,000 UltraViolet members signed a petition calling on Fox to fire O’Reilly. Over 500 survivors of sexual assault signed onto a letter to 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch demanding accountability for sexual harassment and assault at Fox News urging Murdoch to fire Bill O’Reilly. And dozens of members protested outside of Fox News HQ. Fox fired O’Reilly and UltraViolet members proved once again there must be a cost to sexual harassment. Read more about the campaign here.

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